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To inspire, inform, and enable a community of passionate pilots to fulfill their desire for aerial adventures.


Adventure Pilot is the freedom of being airborne. It is dedicated to individuals who have traded the position of passenger for the independence of being a pilot; individuals who daydream about climbing into their plane. Adventure Pilot is for the person who feels the constant call for their next aerial adventure.

Adventure Pilot is a catalyst designed to enthuse and inspire passionate pilots to generate their own arial adventures. Beyond inspiration, Adventure Pilot provides tools to make those adventures a reality.  All the functionality within the Adventure Pilot website works together to fulfill this mission. The articles inspire, the destinations provide the treasure map, and the flight planning tools make the adventure just a flight away.  Adventure Pilots know that having the ability to fly an airplane is simply the price of entry.  They are not defined by any rating or logbook entry, but by their choice to exercise that ability in pursuit of their passions.

Though life is in the journey, it is the destinations you choose that determine your path. Adventure Pilot  provides you access to thousands of destinations that will enliven and entice you, and in so enhance your trip significantly. The nucleus of Adventure Pilot is you and your flying brothers, together forming a community of pilots joined together with a love of flight and adventure.  Explore our databases, create an adventure, post an article, join our fly-ins, partake of the forums, and communicate with your flying brothers and sisters knowing the bonds you form are the richest rewards of all.

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Adventure Pilot is the creation of Walter Boyd and Bill Strahan. 

We each have more than 15 years of experience writing software for the business travel world, for everyone from American Express Travel to Southwest Airlines.  Projects we've conceived and created are in daily use by travel agencies around the world and by business travelers creating reservations online.

But now that our business travel focus is behind us we're bringing that same successful approach to technology to Adventure Pilot for the benefit of the private pilot.  The corporate tools we created will help travelers get from point A to point B for years to come. 

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