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Katara's Crosswinds Cafe  ::   ::  Created on Friday, March 9, 2018
Upstairs in the new Terminal Building near taxiway E2. FANTASTIC food. Great views of the runway and the C-5s doing landings. Awesome BBQ. Definitely above average airport fare. Highly recommended. Also, the terminal has a nice mini-museum displaying the history of the airport. Give yourself an extra 1/2hr for that. ;-)  read more...
Empire State Aerosciences Museum  ::   ::  Created on Friday, February 23, 2018
The Empire State Aerosciences Museum is a one-of-a-kind cultural resource located at Schenectady County Airport in the Town of Glenville, NY, at the site of the former General Electric Flight Test Center. Dedicated to interpreting aviation, particularly as related to New York State, the Museum offers visitors a variety of enjoyable and educational experiences, including interpretive exhibits, a spectacular collection of restored aircraft, the state's largest aviation library, as well as education programs.  read more...
Mom & Dad  ::   ::  Created on Saturday, January 27, 2018
This would be a trip to see Mom & Dad.  read more...
Trigger Gap  ::   ::  Created on Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Trigger Gap is the latest project of the RAF, which incidentally is a great group to support. Trigger Gap is a newly constructed grass strip on top of Pension Mountain about 3 miles southeast of Berryville Arkansas. This is a very nice strip in great condition, long,smooth, with very little obstructions.Great spot to camp for a couple or more days. Berryville 4M1 is a nice friendly place for fuel and courtesy car to pick up supplies or a quick trip to Eureka Springs an old touristy town. You can make a nice few days in this area, lots to do in a beautiful part of the mid west.  read more...
Forestiere Underground Gardens  ::   ::  Created on Monday, December 11, 2017
In the early 1900s, Sicilian immigrant, citrus grower and visionary Baldassare Forestiere began turning what was useless farmland into a vast network of rooms, tunnels and courtyards as a subterranean escape from the sweltering Central Valley summer heat. Using only shovels, picks and other hand tools, Baldassare was inspired to excavate for forty years, going as deep as 25 feet underground and spanning over 10 acres. He grew fruit trees and grapevines underground - many of which are still thriving today! Today, guests from around the world tour through his grottoes, passageways and underground homes. Although he never officially opened the Mediterranean resort of his dreams, we think Baldassare would be thrilled by all of the guests marveling at his life's work today and finding inspiration underground.   read more...
2018 Annual New Year's Fly-Out to Smoketown  ::   ::  Created on Saturday, December 9, 2017
1 Jan 2018: The Annual New Year's Day Fly-Out to Smoketown, PA (9th Year) -For a pilot, there is no better way to start the New Year than by FLYING and breaking open the logbook on New Year's Day! -Come join us for our annual NEW YEAR's Day Flight to Smoketown, PA, S37, a fantastic, friendly and fun little airport in Amish Country of Central PA! Cheap fuel available. -Land and then a short walk over to Joni's Place! -Land S37 between 1:30 and 1:50. Meet at the FBO for a group photo, and then all walk together over to Joni's Place (5 min walk, nearly connected to the airport) -Late Lunch with your pilot buddies, old and new, at 2:00pm! Cash helps Joni, but all forms of payment taken. The lunch will take about an hour. -There will be a very short dedication to two beloved aviators who "Flew West" in 2017 due to old age, Jerry Rosie and John Shreve, both of who contributed to this site with posts and sponsoring fly-ins at airport 62PA, Shreveport North. -MUST be day VMC to go, pilot's call. Winds must be reasonable for light aircraft. No RSVP - just show and go! Looking for 5000 foot ceiling, 7 miles vis and winds less than 10 knots. -Last year we had 50+ pilots meet, so this is a growing event. The variety of aircraft was something to behold. What a great winter fly - out! -Weather back up date is 1 Jan 2019! -Please joint us. Mike Marra, Keystone Flight of Central PA  read more...
Jet Away Cafe  ::   ::  Created on Monday, November 20, 2017
Jet Away Cafe is on the upper floor on the Millionaire FBO, open week days. The view is great and the food is good. Best of all, FBO customers get a coupon so one in the party eats for $1, Daily specials and a selection of sandwich baskets. Great destination.  read more...
Denny's Beer Barrel Pub - USA's Largest Hamburgers!  ::   ::  Created on Sunday, November 19, 2017
Denny's Beer Barrel Pub
Land at Clearfield-Lawrence Airport, PA

Short 3.4 mile drive, cab or walk to this amazing pub!

Largest burgers around!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

There are countless diners, beaneries, and fast-food franchises in this country where a meal will add an inch or two to your waistline. But the idea of a restaurant whose everyday menu is designed to overwhelm you -- where a meal can be just TOO MUCH -- seems impossible in our double-stuffed land of casual fit superabundance. To operate continuously at a gastro-bypass level takes, for lack of a better word, guts.

Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, "Home of the World's Largest Burgers," is that kind of place.
No giant burger billboards announce its presence, which is far from everything in rural Pennsylvania. Even on the inside, it seems like a typical, dimly lit suds and burger joint with lots of neon beer signs and TV screens filled with sports. But hung on one wall are glass-fronted bulletin boards, packed with Polaroids of mostly young men, each with a giant hamburger before them. On the border of each photo is written the word "FINISHED" or "NO." Most of them have the word "NO."

"I think it's the enormity; it breaks your spirit," says Denny Liegey of his often-unconquered meat creations. For years Denny served one-half and one-pound hamburgers at the Pub, and then, around 1990 as he recalls, he began creating bigger burgers and selling them as a dare: "If you can eat it, we'll pay for it." The meat increased in weight to two pounds, then three. Then in 1998 Denny introduced "Ye Olde 96er," which is nine pounds altogether, six of it beef. Guinness calls it the "largest hamburger commercially available," and their certificate hangs prominently in the dining room. Competitive eaters have another name for it: "the Holy Grail of the burger world."

"As far as consumption goes, that's pretty close to what a human being can do without harming themselves," Denny says of Ye Olde 96er. Only one person has ever eaten it within the Pub's three-hour time limit, and that was "a little, skinny college girl from Princeton," according to Denny, who just showed up one night, evidently with an appetite. "It stunned the competitive eating world," Denny recalled. "They said, 'You ate the Holy Grail!' And I later heard that her mom was mad at her."

Denny gives us a tour of the kitchen to show how his burger behemoths are made. Special pans had to be developed to preserve the meat's circular shape, and Denny has a contract with a local bakery for his custom-sized buns. The burgers are baked, mostly, at low heat, so that consuming one is like eating a meat loaf. Denny's biggest burger ever -- a 123-pounder that blew away the old world record of 78.5 pounds -- took nine hours to cook. "You can't put a burger on a grill for that many hours; it would be charred," says waitress Stephanie, who obviously has first-hand knowledge of the process.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Denny now promotes the "Belly Buster," a two-person, 15-pound burger made of 11 pounds of meat plus the fixins. We ordered one for ourselves (the big burgers need several hours advance notice), but when Stephanie brought out the foot-high creation, embellished with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, and oozing mayo and cheese, we knew that we were way out of our league. "No one has ever been able to eat it," Denny said*. He remembered that a Japanese sumo wrestler had arrived one night -- Denny's is a world bulk-eating pilgrimage site -- and ate half a Belly Buster in only an hour. "Then he just stopped," Denny recalled. "He looked at it for a while, but he never took another bite."

We drove around with ours, uneaten in the back seat, for a day. The Big Mac Museum wouldn't let us carry it inside, so we took it to an after-dark rendezvous with a similarly shaped flying saucer in a town named Mars. The next day, the giant bun made good eats for the crazed carp at the Linesville Spillway.

Despite his success at pushing the digestive envelope of others, Denny is himself a confessed failure at eating his own creations -- even the comparatively puny two-pound "Pub Challenger" is too much for him. He's happy to stay on the serving side of the dinner table, where he and his crack crew challenge all whose egos are often bigger than their stomachs. "We're real good friends with the local EMTs," Denny says, jokingly, although more than a few Beer Barrel Pub customers probably wouldn't mind going out after one last mouthful, and getting a "FINISHED" next to their snapshot.  read more...
Tallest Smokestack in the U.S.  ::   ::  Created on Sunday, November 19, 2017
Homer City, Pennsylvania: Tallest Smokestack in the U.S.

I saw this while flying into Indiana, PA Airport (Jimmy Stewart Airport). It is amazing! The steam was so powerful and so high, it created its' own little weather system!

If in the area, you simply cannot miss seeing this - it is huge! Worth a look if flying around the Pittsburgh area or going to Jimmy Stewart, which is a really nice and friendly airport with a courtesy car to go to a thriving downtown area.

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight


The stack is 1,217 feet tall. Fortunately it's so big that you can take pictures of it from far away; the power plant that it belongs to gets nervous if you get too close.

Homer City Generating Station

1750 Power Plant Rd, Homer City, PA

At the Homer City Generating Station. Drive south of town on US 119 around 2.5 miles, then turn west onto Power Plant Rd.
Private property visible from road.

The Homer City Power Plant boasts the largest smoke stack in the United States. Even though it is only the 3rd largest in the world at 1,217 ft., it is very impressive. You can go right into the power plant (at least, I did) and say, that sure is a big stack. Anyone who likes big things should visit the quiet and strange town of Homer City.  read more...
Gettysburg Museum of History  ::   ::  Created on Sunday, November 19, 2017
Offbeat and Eclectic Gettysburg Museum of History.

Fly into W05 and take the free shuttle or cab or ride from the airport - this is about 2.3 miles away.

219 Baltimore St, Gettysburg, PA 17325

While there, make a day or weekend of it as there is PLENTY to see, do and eat!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight


It's called the Gettysburg Museum of History, but that doesn't mean it offers only rusty guns and Civil War bullets.

Erik Dorr holds a scrap of Hitler's Suicide Couch. Stain at the bottom is Hitler's blood.

"Some people ask, 'Why do you have all this Nazi stuff? What the hell's JFK's boxer shorts doing in here?' said museum owner and curator Erik Dorr. "They just don't get it."

Erik started collecting when he was nine. He eventually became a professional antiquities dealer and opened his museum in 2008. Its 4,000 artifacts -- just a fraction of Erik's collection -- span U.S. and world history, and fills the first floor of his Gettysburg townhouse. The museum is free to the public because Erik wants to share his collection with as many people as possible, even if some of them don't understand why it's in Gettysburg.

Marilyn's bra is displayed in the Kennedy room near JFK's boxer shorts.

Take, for example, Erik's x-ray of Hitler's head. "The U.S. Army got it from his dentist," Erik said. "They made a file of his medical records, just trying to figure out what was wrong with Hitler." The x-ray is displayed next to Eva Braun's hand-embroidered lingerie and a fabric scrap from the couch where Der Fuehrer killed himself, stained with Hitler's blood. "We paid a fortune for that," Erik said. "But I told myself, 'You know what? I'm not gonna find another one.'"

World War I trophy skull. Photo next to it shows the British soldiers who acquired the keepsake.
Two questions naturally come to mind. Are these things fake? And if they aren't, why aren't they in some mega-official museum in Washington, DC?

Erik, a stickler for documentation, said that everything in his museum is real, although visitors sometimes insist that Hitler didn't commit suicide and escaped to Argentina. As for why it's all here, Erik had a practical explanation. "It can't all be in the National Archives or the Smithsonian," he said. "And unless it's really earth-shattering, it's just gonna get filed away. People who have amazing things come to us because they know those things will be displayed."

From Baghdad to Hiroshima, a snapshot of catastrophic human history.

Erik took me on a whirlwind tour of the rooms in his museum: we saw trophy skulls from World Wars I and II; Jennie Wade's love letters; a piece of George Washington's coffin; slivers of the crucifixion cross of Jesus; President Grant's cigar; Saddam Hussein's dinnerware. For Gettysburg purists, Erik has an extensive collection of battlefield relics. "Here's a rifle that blew up in a guy's face; here's a bullet that shot off a solider's arm; here are some bones with bullets in them," Erik said. "We have wood with bullets, too, but those aren't as cool."

For us, Erik's collecting skills shine brightest in his John F. Kennedy room, where visitors can see JFK's unexpected boxer shorts near Marilyn Monroe's bra and a hand-written prescription for one of the drugs that killed her. Erik showed us one of Kennedy's well-used rocking chairs, a piece of bloody leather from his assassination limousine, and a packet of dirt saved by Kennedy's gravedigger. One of the boxes that Lee Harvey Oswald stacked at the School Book Depository is displayed with the fire sprinkler that was over his head when he shot the President.

Visitors to the museum are often surprised by what they find within.

Erik also has the spent shell from the bullet that killed Oswald. "That's the shot," Erik said, still awed by his proximity to history. "It should be in the Dallas Police archives, but they gave it away!"

The Gettysburg Museum of History is filled with surprising things you never knew existed and never imagined you'd see in public. Erik said that he hopes to move his collection into a more modern museum space some day, but we secretly hope that he doesn't; it's far more satisfying where it is, like an overstuffed attic or closet, rewarding visitors with weird treasures everywhere they look.

"We're trying to break out into the real world," Erik told me, "but I guess maybe we never will. We are the punk rock of history museums."

Nothing wrong with that. 
Red Baron Airport Diner  ::   ::  Created on Saturday, November 18, 2017
The diner at Southbridge Airport has once again re-opened and will be open all winter too !
The hours are Tuesday thru Sunday, 7:00 - 2:00 but they are open Thursday and Friday until 8:00pm for dinner.
Diner type service like it use to be,
Friday's seafood is excellent !!

Also, There is self serve fuel available as 3B0.

Fox's Pizza Den of Indiana, PA  ::   ::  Created on Sunday, September 10, 2017
Fox's Pizza Den of Indiana, PA near Jimmy Stewart Airport, Indiana, PA
580 Philadelphia St.
Indiana, PA 15701

Land at the magnificent Jimmy Stewart Airport and borrow the courtesy car to downtown, where there is a nice array of shops, places to eat and interesting stores! 10 min drive.

This is really GOOD pizza and they have great service and discounts for various groups, like our police officers, firemen, military, etc. - just ask for it.

When we went the owner was there and gave us the royal treatment! He probably does this for everyone! Overall superb experience flying in to eat here!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

Background from the owners:

Fox’s Pizza Den, family owned and operated for over 44 years, serves the very best authentic pizzas, strombolis, salads, nearly world famous “wedgies”, gourmet pizzas and specialty hoagies.

Feast with us today. All of our meals are handmade with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection. You’ll love our hand tossed dough and our award winning pizza sauce, our San Marzano style grown tomatoes are plucked off the vine only at their juicy, ripened peak & fresh packed with unique Italian Pecorino Romano cheese from the rugged Apennine mountains of Central Italy, freshly grated and blended with a special grade of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, all complimented with freshly squeezed garlic and a special Italian spice blend. Our pizzas are topped with our special blend of 100% real cheeses, and then layered with the freshest selection of your favorite meats & vegetables.

Whether it’s a bambino or the BIG DADDY we have a size for every appetite. Treat your family to the tastiest pizza in town. Call a location near YOU right now and let Fox’s serve you “From Our Den To Your Den”.

On March 7, 1971, with $500, a rented storeroom and a few pieces of used equipment rescued from the snow and ice of a Pittsburgh scrap yard, Jim Fox fulfilled his lifelong dream of opening a pizza shop in his hometown of Pitcairn, Pennsylvania. As the first pizza slid from the oven at 4:00 that afternoon, he had no way of knowing that he’d be sold out just six hours later, making Fox’s Pizza Den an instant success.

In 1973, Jim opened a second Fox’s Pizza Den in nearby Harrison City and a third in East Pittsburgh. With the opening of his fourth location in Swissvale, Jim introduced an innovative concept that would revolutionize the pizza industry in the Pittsburgh area — home delivery. As word spread, friends began calling Jim about opening franchised pizza shops. Realizing that franchising could help others reach their dreams of independence, Jim incorporated Fox’s Pizza Den in 1974.
Now celebrating our 45th anniversary, we see it hasn’t stopped growing. Today there are more than 200 franchises operating coast to coast in 25 states. Fox’s Pizza Distribution, formed in 1986, provides the franchises with consistent high-quality product and reliable distribution. Because of its successful formula, Fox’s Pizza Den was voted best pizza franchise of 1993 by the National Pizza and Pasta Association and received PMQ’s 2005 and 2007 Pizza Industry Enterprise (PIE) award. Fox’s has been consistently ranked as one of the best pizza and sandwich franchises in the United States by Entrepreneur and Pizza Today magazines.

In making Fox’s Pizza Den a success, Jim Fox has been able to provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to achieve their own success and independence while strengthening the economies of small, all-American towns.  read more...
Best Way Pizza of Indiana, PA  ::   ::  Created on Sunday, September 10, 2017
BEST WAY PIZZA of Indiana, Pennsylvania (Jimmy Stewart Airport)

Home of the Square Cut
Serving great food to great people for nearly 60 years!

Land at KIDI, Indiana County, PA Jimmy Stewart Airport and take the courtesy car into town - about 10 minutes and park out front. This is "pizza in a hurry" if you don't have a lot of time and need to eat and look around real fast! Still, pretty good for the price and location!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

Background from the owners:

The story of our famous square cut pizza begins in the early 1950s in an unlikely place, The Pennsylvania Railroad. Railroad worker, Gene Caparella, dusted off his grandmother’s pizza recipe one day and started bringing it to work. His fellow railroad workers tried it and loved it, and so the foundations of a pizza business started to form. In 1955, Gene was laid off from the railway and seized the opportunity to open his very first shop, which he named Best Way Pizza. Gene continued to operate his pizza shop in various locations around Altoona for 25 years, until his retirement in 1980.

Unhappy with the thought of never having Best Way Pizza again, Mr. Caparella’s friend, long-time customer, and square cut pizza fanatic, Craig LeCrone Sr. purchased the Best Way Pizza business and reopened a store in Hollidaysburg, PA. Craig Sr. kept his job at UPS until 1982, when he decided he liked being square and wanted to open up several more locations throughout the area.

Not content with simply offering square cuts for eat-in or takeout, LeCrone Sr. installed, what is now our iconic feature: the Best Way Drive Thru! Now Best Way Pizza customers can cruise on through and get the fastest, tastiest pizza in no time flat. The first location to gain the drive thru was the 6th Ave Altoona shop in 1986.

Keeping it all in the family, Mr. LeCrone’s son, Craig LeCrone Jr. joined the Best Way Pizza team in 1988 and together they’ve worked to build the Best Way Pizza business. With a passion for providing cheesy, square cuts of pizza fast and at affordable prices, the Best Way Pizza brand quickly achieved a mass following and the LeCrone family sold its first franchise in 1991 in Greenwood, Pennsylvania.

That store is still cranking out cheesy square cut goodness to this day. Since then, numerous franchise locations have opened throughout Pennsylvania, and we hope to add many more. Right now, there are 11 franchise locations and 1 company owned location, so you’re never far from a bite to eat at Best Way.

In addition to our traditional and now famous Best Way square cuts, we pride ourselves on offering you the very best pizza, salads, subs and squarebolis. So stop by a location near you, and drive-thru, eat-in, or carry-out and make Best Way Pizza your neighborhood pizza shop.
Contact Us Today!
Please email all inquiries to 
9th Street Deli of Indiana, PA  ::   ::  Created on Sunday, September 10, 2017
9th Street Deli of Indiana, PA
901 Philadelphia St
Indiana, PA 15701

Land at wonderful Jimmy Stewart Indiana County Airport and take the courtesy car into town for a great sub or sandwich - this is RIGHT NEXT to the famous Jimmy Stewart Museum (see other post on that location).

Great food and prices here - and the quality of ingredients is very telling and tasty!

I fly with my dog, so this was a great place in that they have outdoor seating on "VFR Days" and he really enjoyed the roast beef sandwich as well - see photo.

Park right out in front or back - we had no problem finding a spot for the courtesy car/truck. Recommended when visiting KIDI - Indiana, PA!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight
Carson's Creekside Restaurant & Lounge (KMTN)  ::   ::  Created on Friday, September 8, 2017
Carson's Creekside Restaurant & Lounge (KMTN)
1110 Beech Dr, Middle River, MD 21220

Land at Martin State Airport and this is a 11 minute nice walk along the water to the restaurant!

Great airport and FBO - they will give you a ride if you need it in their van.

Note there is a $21 daily ramp/parking/FBO fee here - a bit steep, but this restaurant and the Glenn Martin Aviation Museum is well worth the day trip!

We ordered the CRAB CAKE SANDWICH and it was the LARGEST we had ever seen! This was a magnificent sandwich - perhaps the BEST crab cake I have ever had, and I spend a lot of time landing at airports along and in the Chesapeake Bay looking for the world's best crab cakes! It was that good.

If you go on a nice day, please request the BACK PORCH to sit on - it is a beautiful area that overlooks the docks and river and there is plenty of wildlife to see from your seats - ducks, other birds, fish jumping and scenic vistas!

Getting into KMTN looks complicated on the sectionals but is actually very easy. It is under the Class B and inside a Class D near some restricted airspace to the east and the SFRA to the west, but do not let that worry you! We flew the instrument approach to 31 (The LDA 31) and had approach and tower helping us the entire time.

The walk from the FBO to the museum is 6 minutes - easy!

Hope you visit this great place!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

From the owners we met:

If you love great American Fare including fantastic steak, seafood, etc. AND comfortable dining, contact us or come see us today at Carson's Creekside Restaurant and Lounge.  Our menu offers a mouthwatering assortment of classic steak and seafood in a warm, relaxing nautical atmosphere, serving folks fresh, inshore and offshore specialties for lunch and dinner. No matter when your hunger catches up with you, we have just what ou're craving, all accented with original recipe seasonings and served up fresh to satisfy you at any time of day.
At Carson's Creekside Restaurant and Lounge----
You'll come for the Food and Stay for the Fun!!
See you soon, See you Creekside !!   
 Gary & Debbie 
Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum (KMTN)  ::   ::  Created on Friday, September 8, 2017
Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum (KMTN) Located ON the airport. This is a Class D airport that is below the Class B airspace of Baltimore, MD and is flanked by Restricted Airspace to the south and east. Easy to get into as long as you plan it and talk to approach and tower - we flew the LDA 31 instrument approach in and had no problems - controllers were very helpful. The airport has a daily ramp fee of $21 at the time of this post, 8 Sep 2017. While that is steep, the visit to the airport, Glenn Martin Museum and a local seafood restaurant was WELL worth it! Both this museum and the restaurant are within easy walking distance on the airport and off. Note - the museum is not co-located with the aircraft static displays and you will need a ride from the museum to get to them as they are in a restricted area on the field, which is host to USAF A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack planes and the MD Police. This museum is WORTH A DAY TRIP! Founded in 1990, The Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum is a private, all-volunteer, non-profit, tax exempt Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) corporation. The Museum's purpose is to maintain an educational institution dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and documentation of aviation and space history in Maryland, namely, the contributions of Glenn L. Martin and his successful company.Operated by dedicated volunteers, the Museum is active in the cultural life of surrounding communities and has begun to extend its activities state-wide. The Museum is certified by the U.S. Navy and Army. All funds required for the acquisition, restoration, maintenance, and display of museum material are derived from individual and corporate donations. Members of the Museum share a desire to preserve aviation history and we welcome all those who share the same. Maryland has a rich aviation and space heritage.The Museum has collected over a dozen aircraft, thousands of reels of motion picture films, plans, documents, research models, aircraft tools, and components; and a gigantic indexed collection of more than 200,000 aviation and company photographs. These archives have supported documentary films and numerous publications. Without the efforts of the Museum, these research materials would not be available to the public; many of the collection's artifacts would have been destroyed.But much remains to be preserved and the collection is growing.  read more...
Shippensburg Airport now CLOSED!  ::   ::  Created on Monday, September 4, 2017
Shippensburg, PENN Airport is now CLOSED!

Owners sold it off to grow crops - looks like an ethanol farm (corn) and now the only airport in this town is GONE - very sad!

There were a number of places nearby where this airport provided access - now will be very difficult to get to by plane!

This area is losing airports every year - a very negative trend going on!

Sorry to report this one, folks - another airport gone for good!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight 
St. Mary's Airport Open House  ::   ::  Created on Friday, September 1, 2017
October 7, 2017 | 10am-4pm Join us at 2W6 for our fall Open House Don't miss this opportunity to see airplanes of all kinds, drone demonstrations, and classic cars on display. Featured in this event will be a DC-3, a Grumman Albatross and Art Nalls' Sea Harrier and L-39C Albatros This event is kid friendly, including balsa airplane races, face painting, and Reggie the Magician. Please call for information on transient parking for this event.   read more...
Velaro Station for Food (if everything else is closed) W29 Bay Bridge, MD  ::   ::  Created on Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Velaro Station for Food (if everything else is closed) W29 Bay Bridge, MD

Land at scenic Bay Bridge Airport and try the many GREAT places to eat right around the airport, but....if everything else is closed, VELARO across the street from the airport is always open!

Hot food, drinks and a place to stay if you are caught in bad weather - this is a way out!

Right across the street (on final) so very easy to find. Good, fast and cheap....a nice alternate if you need it for food, drinks or small items.

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight
Cape Henelopen State Park Public Beach, DE  ::   ::  Created on Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Beaches and Open Spaces!

Land at KGED and rent a car for the day - this is well worth it!

Cape Henlopen's beaches attract thousands of visitors who enjoy ocean swimming and sunbathing. A designated swimming beach, accessible from the Lewes entrance to the park, provides lifeguard patrols between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day (schedule mayvary due to staff availability).Umbrellas can be rented during the summer. The swimming area also features a modern bath house with showers, changing rooms, and a food concession. Mobi-Mat equipment, consisting of three 30-foot mats allowing those in wheelchairs and power chairs to access the beach from the boardwalk, is also available at this location.

The park's open spaces feature many other activities. A picnic pavilion and the "Officer's Club" building can both be reserved for group events. An 18-hole disc golf course encourages friendly competition, and basketball courts promote more active exercise. Winter hunting is permitted in some areas of the park; a hunting permit is required, and information can be obtained from the Park Office. Annual events such as the Kite Festival and the Halloween Fantasy Trail are family favorites. The park also conducts a variety of entertaining recreational programs, including natural history lectures, seaside seining, and birdwatching, to name but a few.

Cape Henlopen has many year-round hiking and biking opportunities. Experience the park's scenic and ever-changing landscape - and get a lesson in history - along the three-mile-long paved trail that loops the park. Take a trail break and climb to the top of the World War II Observation Tower, where the 360-degree views are spectacular. Or take a short climb to the top of a former military bunker to view the dynamic action along the Atlantic coastline. Explore the coastal environment along the Seaside or the Pinelands Nature Trails, or hike the six miles of beach along the Atlantic Ocean.

Surf Fishing Restrictions

This is one of the very FEW beaches you can drive on! Vehicles bearing surf-fishing permits (meaning their occupants must be actively engaged in recreational surf fishing) are required to park in single file, with a ban on vehicle stacking.

Fort Miles Museum and Historical Area Overview

Lying amidst rolling sand dunes, on a high bank overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, is the Fort Miles Historical Area, home of the Fort Miles Museum.  The central features of the museum include Battery 519, six barracks buildings, a fire control tower, an orientation building, and the Fort Miles Artillery Park. The museum tells the story of Fort Miles, a key piece of our nation's coastal defense, from World War II through the early 1970’s. 

The history of Fort Miles exemplifies America’s call to action to stem the tide of war against German invasions along the Atlantic Seaboard that, at the onset of World War II, appeared virtually unstoppable. The gun batteries of Fort Miles, secret state-of-the-art installations built within the massive sand dunes of Cape Henlopen, were designed to defend against the powerful German navy.

With more than 2,500 soldiers stationed on high alert, the heavy guns, mine fields and searchlights of Fort Miles defended the vital trade centers of Wilmington, Philadelphia, and beyond. As America moved into the cold war, the role of Fort Miles shifted to highly classified missions defending against the threat of Soviet submarine operations off our coastline.
Fort Miles is a special place for history enthusiasts, veterans, families, or anyone interested in learning about Delaware stories, Delaware heroes and Delaware’s role in WWII. Take a guided tour, enjoy an interpretive program, visit the art gallery, take in a special event, and celebrate the "greatest generation" in our nation's history.

The Fort Miles Museum
Museum exhibits and artifacts within Battery 519, a 15,000-square-foot fortified underground chamber, bring to life Delaware’s wartime stories of submarine encounters and surrender, daring actions of civilian pilots, and hometown heroes who sacrificed for our freedom. The Museum’s collection of armaments provides visitors a unique opportunity to experience first-hand how state-of-the-art technology from an earlier day was used to defend the homeland.
The grounds of the Museum  are open 8 a.m. to sunset daily. The Museum Orientation Building is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. March 3 – June 10 and Tuesday through Saturday June 13 – September 9.

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight 
Kent Island Golf Vacation Home near 3W3  ::   ::  Created on Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Kent Island Golf Vacation Home near 3W3

FIVE STARS! This review is for the Kent Island Golf House, rented by CAPT Bob and Donna. The Golf House is on 102 Queens Colony Drive, Kentmorr, a 14 minute walk from the 3W3 Airport and the beach. In a word, magnificent! We had a family of 6 stay at the Golf House for a 4-day weekend and loved it! Clean, spacious, and modern, this house had it all!

CAPT Bob also provided us a charter boat ride around the Bay and into Annapolis - really fun! The house is centrally located to many nice places, including the Delaware Beaches, the Kentmorr Restaurant, the Tiki Bar and beach, and the marina! Wonderful stay, thanks so much!

Mike and Brenda Marra, Keystone Flight of Carlisle, PA  read more...
Carini's Pizza near the Bay Bridge Airport, MD  ::   ::  Created on Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Carini's Pizza near the Bay Bridge Airport, Kent Island, Stevensville, MD - very easy walking distance from the FBO!

Enjoy fantastic pizza on Kent Island!

Land and be there in 5 minutes walking time! Walk out of the airport and simply make the first right turn (south) and walk for five minutes - it is right there!

Great slices, pies and Italian food - can't miss!

Enjoy Kent Island!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight 
Fort McHenry  ::   ::  Created on Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Home of the Star-Spangled-Banner! Fort McHenry, Baltimore, MD

Land at the very friendly Essex Airport and take a cab to the fort, or, to public transpo near the field to the fort area...worth the journey!

Fort McHenry, in Baltimore, Maryland, is a historical American coastal star-shaped fort best known for its role in the War of 1812, when it successfully defended Baltimore Harbor from an attack by the British navy from the Chesapeake Bay September 13–14, 1814. It was first built in 1798 and was used continuously by U.S. armed forces through World War I and by the Coast Guard in World War II. It was designated a national park in 1925, and in 1939 was redesignated a "National Monument and Historic Shrine".

During the War of 1812 a storm flag (17 by 25 feet (5.2 m × 7.6 m)) was flown over Fort McHenry during the bombardment. It was replaced early on the morning of September 14, 1814 with a larger garrison flag (30 by 42 feet (9.1 m × 12.8 m)).

The larger flag signaled American victory over the British in the Battle of Baltimore. The sight of the ensign inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem "Defence of Fort M'Henry" that was later set to the tune "To Anacreon in Heaven" and become known as the "Star Spangled Banner", the national anthem of the United States.

This is a MUST SEE site for all Americans - very inspiring and uplifting! Highly recommended!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight 
Camp Miles Coastal Defense Fortress and Guns  ::   ::  Created on Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Fort Miles Museum and Historical Area

Land at Eagle Crest and take an inexpensive taxi to historic Camp Miles, DE

Lying amidst rolling sand dunes, on a high bank overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, is the Fort Miles Historical Area, home of the Fort Miles Museum.  The central features of the museum include Battery 519, six barracks buildings, a fire control tower, an orientation building, and the Fort Miles Artillery Park. The museum tells the story of Fort Miles, a key piece of our nation's coastal defense, from World War II through the early 1970’s. 

The history of Fort Miles exemplifies America’s call to action to stem the tide of war against German invasions along the Atlantic Seaboard that, at the onset of World War II, appeared virtually unstoppable. The gun batteries of Fort Miles, secret state-of-the-art installations built within the massive sand dunes of Cape Henlopen, were designed to defend against the powerful German navy.

With more than 2,500 soldiers stationed on high alert, the heavy guns, mine fields and searchlights of Fort Miles defended the vital trade centers of Wilmington, Philadelphia, and beyond. As America moved into the cold war, the role of Fort Miles shifted to highly classified missions defending against the threat of Soviet submarine operations off our coastline.

Fort Miles is a special place for history enthusiasts, veterans, families, or anyone interested in learning about Delaware stories, Delaware heroes and Delaware’s role in WWII. Take a guided tour, enjoy an interpretive program, visit the art gallery, take in a special event, and celebrate the "greatest generation" in our nation's history.

The Fort Miles Museum
Museum exhibits and artifacts within Battery 519, a 15,000-square-foot fortified underground chamber, bring to life Delaware’s wartime stories of submarine encounters and surrender, daring actions of civilian pilots, and hometown heroes who sacrificed for our freedom. The Museum’s collection of armaments provides visitors a unique opportunity to experience first-hand how state-of-the-art technology from an earlier day was used to defend the homeland.

The grounds of the Museum  are open 8 a.m. to sunset daily. The Museum Orientation Building is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. March 3 – June 10 and Tuesday through Saturday June 13 – September 9.

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight 
AOPA Rusty Pilot Seminar  ::   ::  Created on Monday, August 21, 2017
FREE AOPA Rusty Pilot Seminar, Saturday, Sept. 9th 10AM - 1PM. Attendees will get 3 hours of ground instruction toward completing your flight review, valuable take-home materials, and handouts so you can review what you've learned. After Seminar stay for 7th Annual Brookeridge Fly/Drive-in. Large display of airplanes including warbirds, food, music and open houses. GPS address: 760 86th Street, Downers Grove, IL  read more...
Make-A-Wish Fly-In!  ::   ::  Created on Friday, August 18, 2017
SEP 16, 2017, Saturday

Make - A - Wish Fly-in or Drive-in!
KCXY - Capitol City Airport, PA

1030 - 1400

$5.00 for entry and lunch - all proceeds go to Make A Wish!

Raffles, displays, planes, cars, food, fun!

Help the kids!

See flyer above for more details.

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight 
Dave's Tiki Bar on the Beach, Kentmorr, MD  ::   ::  Created on Friday, August 18, 2017
Dave's Tiki Bar on the Beach!

Just a short walk from the beautiful Kentmorr Turf Field Airport, or a cab ride from Bay Bridge Airport!

This beach is just behind the superb Kentmorr Restaurant, also listed here on Adventure Pilot!

Awesome beach, views of the Bay, the magnificent Bay Bridge, and has available all types of MD seafood, desserts, smoothies, and a full bar!

Many chairs provided and umbrellas for rental!

Get a beach experience right on the Bay!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight
Blue Plate Cafe, 113 South Court, Memphis  ::   ::  Created on Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Can't believe I didn't know about this one. Great breakfast all day (closes at 2pm on Sunday), Good food, reasonable prices. Get a table in front and have a great view of Court Square (a park) as you dine.  read more...
Runway Restaurant  ::   ::  Created on Tuesday, August 15, 2017
American diner cuisine, open for breakfast and lunch (5:00 - 2:00).
KHTO Just Plane Fun Day  ::   ::  Created on Saturday, August 12, 2017
After a hiatus of several years, East Hampton Aviation Association is again sponsoring its Just Plane Fun Day Sat. Sept 9, 2017 10AM-3PM. Come with your static display, aviation and pilot equipment,art, collectibles. entertainment for kids or just to enjoy the camaraderie of other aviation enthusiasts.. Free admission and display areas are available.   read more...
7th Annual LL22 Fly / Drive-in Sat. Sept. 9th 10AM - 3PM  ::   ::  Created on Wednesday, August 2, 2017
7th Annual LL22 Fly / Drive-in, Saturday, Sept. 9th 10AM - 3PM. Large display of airplanes, free admission, open houses, food and music. Rain or shine. Fly-in and receive a free lunch. Use only runway 9/27, CTAF 122.9, Left hand traffic, 1,600' traffic pattern altitude. If driving gps address 760 86th Street, Downers Grove. Visit for more information  read more...
Picadilly Lilly Airport Diner  ::   ::  Created on Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Great fly-in destination for breakfast and lunch. One Review: "If you are looking for a fantastic, classic, TRUE diner experience, you simply have to come to Picadilly Lilly. Not the easiest place to find, but so worth it. And yes, the biscuits and gravy are amazing - the best I have ever had, and that is no joke. The atmosphere is classic small town diner, and the times we have been there, it is obvious there are many local regulars who come there, especially older folks (like us). Service is friendly and I actually think the coffee is great! It is fun to be able to see planes literally right outside the door. So, if you vacation in Spring Green (which I HIGHLY recommend), you gotta eat breakfast here at least once. It's about 7 miles from Spring Green. Oh, did I mention how reasonable the prices are? This is one breakfast place that will not break the bank!" Some other reviews: "Great food ,great staff, fun family diner for watching planes come and go!" "Great food, good prices but limited seating so be prepared to share a table." "Sausage gravy over eggs and hash browns; pure genius."  read more...
Nature Inn at Bald Eagle, near Lock Haven, PA  ::   ::  Created on Monday, July 10, 2017
Nature Inn at Bald Eagle, near Lock Haven, PA
201 Warbler Way
Howard, PA 16841

The Keystone Flight was here over the weekend - very nice place! Highly recommended for a weekend retreat, hiking or spotting the North American Bald Eagle, the official icon of the United States!

This is really a unique destination - and very close to the wonderful Lock Haven Airport to the east, which is "full serve" by any measure.

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

Overview from the Owners:

The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle is unlike any place in the Pennsylvania State Park system. Nestled within the natural beauty of Bald Eagle State Park, in the very center of the state, the Inn combines the comfortable amenities of an inviting bed and breakfast with sweeping views and door-step access to year-round land and water activities. Our walls of windows, huge decks, private balconies, and patios immerse you in nature and provide you with an unequalled natural experience.

Accommodations range from comfortable single and double rooms to spacious family suites, complete with flat-screen televisions and refrigerators. Each day’s stay also includes a complimentary hot breakfast.

A Different Way To Make A Difference
Not only are we sure you’ll enjoy the getaway unlike any other at the Nature Inn, we believe you’ll walk away inspired by the Inn’s natural surroundings and intrinsic green amenities. Everything in and around the Inn was designed with our environment in mind, and so it all blends right in. To help you interpret what you do see while you’re here, we’ve placed small signs, little messages and other informative features all around.

A Sanctuary For Birds, And Their Guests
Throughout the Inn, one theme resonates above all others – way above. From the bird tracks leading you to our front lobby, to the Audubon and Ned Smith prints in each room, to the personal bird scope waiting on the deck, you’ll discover that the Nature Inn at Bald Eagle State Park is truly a place for the birds. And we’re especially proud of our nesting pair of bald eagles just across the lake from the Inn. If you’re a birder, you’ve found the perfect place. If you aren’t a birder (yet), we think you’ll find it’s still quite perfect here.

Local Art By Local Artisans
Throughout the Inn’s rooms and common areas, regionally created handiwork abounds, including an impressive stained glass mural and fireplace mantel, wooden mirrors and ceramic tiles. In honor of the park’s reputation as a prime birding destination, the Inn features illustrated prints by both John James Audubon, the renowned 19th century ornithologist, naturalist and artist, and Pennsylvania’s own 20th century artist and naturalist, Ned Smith.

Meet In Comfort
The Inn’s large meeting area (650 sq.ft) accommodates up to 48 people while our library comfortably serves 8-10 people, ideal for company retreats and events. Both rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art projection equipment and audio/visual connections.

In The Heart Of The Wilds
The Nature Inn is located at the southernmost edge of the Pennsylvania Wilds – a vast 12-county region in the state’s northern tier, known for outstanding outdoor recreation and natural beauty in a serenely remote setting. Learn more about the Pennsylvania Wilds at

Reservations & Rates

Reserving your stay at the Nature Inn couldn't be easier. Because our guest rooms fill up fast, we encourage you to book early. There are several convenient ways to make reservations up to 24 months in advance of your arrival:

• Phone the Inn directly at 814-625-2879 and speak with one of our knowledgeable Guest Services Agents daily between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM

• Online, 24 / 7 / 365

• Toll-free 888-PA-PARKS, (727-2757) 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday to Saturday

For group bookings or special events, please contact our Innkeeper directly

Pilot 24/7 Rest Area on Lock Haven Airport (no charge)  ::   ::  Created on Sunday, July 9, 2017
Pilot 24/7/365 Rest Area on Lock Haven Airport - no charge!

Ever get stuck at an airport only to find out it is closing and there is no where to go? Yes, I have spent many a night in the back of my Cessna awaiting better weather until the airport opened again or the weather cleared!

Well, at Lock Haven, there is a 24/7/365 Pilot Rest Area so if you HAVE to wait out a storm (as we did on 8 July) there is a place to stay even when the FBO is closed!

This is good to know if you are in the area of Lock Haven and have to set your plane down due to weather, which happens frequently in these treacherous mountains! Old Airmail Pilots called this stretch "Hell's Highway" for a reason!

Anyway, the good folks at Lock Haven are keeping this OPEN all the time for wayward or temporarily unlucky pilots who are wise enough to sit it out vs. pushing into bad weather in the mountains! Thanks Lock Haven Airport Management!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight 
THE EDGE Grill of Lock Haven, PA  ::   ::  Created on Saturday, July 8, 2017
THE EDGE GRILL of Lock Haven
Address: 4 N Henderson St, Lock Haven, PA 17745
This was a 10 minute walk today, 8 July 2017

We visited the PIPER MUSEUM and wanted lunch, so we walked past one place to this one, which was good. More of a "nighttime place" than a family lunch place, but still OK. Our food was good and the prices were ok as well. There are many places to land and eat in Lock Haven and this is another one! Looked like a sports bar with large TV's and sports on, so if you wanted to catch some of the game on Sat or Sun after a visit to Lock Haven Airport, this may be the place for you!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

Background Info:

Monday 4:00pm-12:00am
Tuesday-Saturday: 11:00am to 2:00am
Sunday: 12:00pm to 10:00pm
Lights are on, we are OPEN!
PHONE: 570-858-5656
Facebook: @edgeoflockhaven
Instagram: edgeoflh
​Snapchat: EdgeofLH
The Runway Grill on Butter Valley Golf-Port, Bucks Co., PA  ::   ::  Created on Wednesday, July 5, 2017
The Runway Grill on Butter Valley Golf-Port
3243 Gehman Rd, Barto, PA 19504

This grill is amazing for breakfast or lunch!

The airport is a real gem -- located right in the middle of a golf course!

Land on the fairway, and taxi over to the restaurant! It is a wonderful place to eat!

I flew in on the 4th of July, 2017, and they had a fantastic Independence Day Special of baked apples on a short stack of pancakes with a big plate of bacon and coffee for $6.95!

The service, prices and quality was magnificent - I could fly here every day!

A MUST for all pilots - land at a golf course, eat, shoot a few rounds, maybe get some fuel and fly on out!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight 
Land on a Fairway at Butter Valley Golf-Port!  ::   ::  Created on Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Land on a Fairway at Butter Valley Golf-Port!

Folks, this is one of the FEW places in the world where you land right on a fairway and the golfers have to get out of the way for you!

Amazing approach and landing to a small piece of paved strip in the middle of a long fairway - so you have plenty of nice, manicured turf before and after the tiny runway to use as run-up and over-run for takeoffs and landings - this is a VERY SAFE airport and most pilots who can come in on approach speed have no problem landing here!

There is a great restaurant here as well (see other post on "The Runway" at Butter Valley).

I flew in on the 4th of July and there was so much going on -- golfing, motorcyclists touring, Frisbee golf, and pilots flying in for breakfast! Incredible!

This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED airport for you to land to say "you did it" -- landed ON a golf course! The runway is short, narrow and hilly, but very safe!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight 
Van Sant Aerodrome, Bi-plane Flights!  ::   ::  Created on Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Van Sant Aerodrome, Bi-plane Flights!

If you ever wanted to take a great bi-plane ride or gift one to someone else, THIS is the place to do it!

Van Sant is a wonderful "throw back" field from the 20's and 30's that has everything you would imagine at a great aerodrome! Old authentic pilots, wonderful bi-planes, a pilot shack that is really quite a little display museum, friendly dogs and cats walking about, and a magnificent turf field that is plenty long!

Fly in just to watch - it is amazing!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

From the owners:

As ordered, he kept his mouth shut; hands folded, and did not move. But, he watched and used his ears to the fullest. He was in awe of his father and did what he was told by a man who was fresh out of the navy and now flying for the biggest company in the east. Bethlehem Steel had Beech 18s, DC-3s, Gulfstreams, Lockheeds and Corsairs! Bar Eisenhauer was allowed to watch and not talk. So, he dreamed. "Someday …"

In kindergarten at age five, Bar saw a blimp, a piano and a DC-3. So began a fantastic childhood of music and flying. An entertainer from blood. A comic to compensate for everyday stupidity. A country boy from his mother’s beautiful dutchieness and, a professional from his dad. Bar knew his destiny over forty-five years ago and some how, he has never stopped pursuing it.
"Just keep it simple and survive. Give me enough to make the masses smile and remember so I can make each day better for them to tell the world. Don’t forget the past as it creates the now. Respect where you came from even if you disagree how you got here. It’s all an education. USE IT!" As Bar continues. “Now how in God's name am I going to find a soul mate to put up with this insanity? I’m a Gemini, no your not, yes I am, OK then!” Well he did.

Danielle (Dannie) Eisenhauer has taken Bar’s dream and made it work. So smart and practical, she has been able to balance these two soul mates so perfectly that they wish they had met forty years ago. They strive to accomplish things that will take a hundred years in just twenty. That’s their passion, their energy, and their dream.

The Bird Of Paradise is Bar and Dannie, a classic biplane, Satchmoe (their Poopiedog), Louie (the druged-out cat), and a house on wheels filled with love and ready for an air show. This is their life and they will share it all with you in front of a fire, with a glass of wine and one hell of a story. They are here now to share what they know about airplanes, take you for a flight, teach a little history, and have a lot of fun while we are all still living as we are.

Van Sant Historic Aerodrome, Bucks Co., PA  ::   ::  Created on Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Van Sant Historic Aerodrome, Bucks Co., PA
516 Cafferty Rd, Erwinna, PA 18920

Fly-in turf field that resembles an aerodrome from the 1920-30's! From the wonderful runway to the pilot shack to the outdoor seating to the old hangar, this place is a wonderful time-capsule of historic aviation!

I flew in on July 4th 2017 and they were assembling a FIVE SHIP bi-plane formation to go perform at an Independence Day Parade - fantastic!

This is a "must see" place for true aviators - a living, working, flying museum!

They also sell self-serve fuel at low prices, and have a burger stand on Saturdays! What a gem!

I cannot believe this location is not already listed on this site after all these years - we are fixing that right now! Come fly-in and visit!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

From the operators:

Yes my friends, you are all welcome to see what we believe is the greatest airfield on this planet. For over 50 years this piece of aviation earth has had a character and charisma all its own. It is a land of history embedded in its name alone, along with all sorts of antiques about to back up its stories. There is so much to see and do at this exciting "Airfield-Park", called Van Sant, that you just have to come and experience a day in paradise for yourself.

Our job is to educate, provide entertainment, restore, maintain, fly and have fun while staying safe and conservative. With respect and a focus on happiness, our success will follow with the help of you, our friends, neighbors and fellow aviators.

Rides, instruction and rentals are available within this flying circus of Biplanes, Cubs, Champs, Taylorcrafts and Gliders. Many other makes and models of antique aircraft are based on or visit our field that it feels like we have our very own airshow every weekend while antique - classic cars & motorcycles are lining the parking lot. The picnic area provides a fantastic shaded spot to watch those magnificent men in their flying machines take to the sky on a calm sunny afternoon.
During the week, if the time is right, you may want to stroll down to the shop "Old School Aviation" and see what restorations are being given to some old mechanical birds.
Come, sit, ride, fly, tell stories, watch and enjoy being a part of our new and old comrades giving the gift of flight.

Open to the public.

Summer: Wednesday thru Sunday 9:00 to 6:00. Winter: Wednesday thru Sunday 8:30 to 4:00
Then again, good weather is flying weather; we'll be here, just call!
Bar & Dannie @ 610-847-1119

Hideaway Pizza of Yukon Oklahoma  ::   ::  Created on Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Hideaway Pizza of Yukon Oklahoma near Page Airport

1701 Shedeck Pkwy, Yukon, OK 73099

About a 15 min. drive from the airport - well worth it!

Probably the BEST PIZZA in town -- definitely the BEST SWEET TEA in town!

Visited here June of 2017 and loved the food, service and ICE TEA!

Ate here twice during my flight here over a few days...had the pasta special which was fantastic, then went for the pizza - about 6-7 different pies -- all great!

Not the cheapest pizza around but very good. This is NOT like east-coast New Jersey (or the lesser New York or Chicago style pizza) but still pretty good!

If going to PAGE in YUKON for business or vacation or for a X-C stop, this is the place for pizza!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

HISTORY of "Hideaway Pizza":

Stillwater Roots

Hideaway Pizza’s casual dining concept was created by Richard “The Big Kahuna” Dermer and his wife, Marti, in 1957 near the Oklahoma State University campus in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Dermer built his company on the premise that happy employees equals happy guests, a winning formula that over the years has built a highly devoted fan base that continues to grow.



Pizza was delivered on campus through the 1960s and 1970s via one of the largest fleets of Volkswagen Beetles in the U.S. Creatively painted by the employees, the VW bugs became an iconic symbol for the company along with vintage kites (Dermer was President of the American Kitefliers Association), collage art and the board game Pente.


Cherry Street

In 1993, Dermer allowed a trio of trusted employees: Bob Busby, Brent McMurry and Gary Gabrel (Pente creator) to form a development company to expand the concept into new markets outside of Stillwater while the Dermer family retains ownership of the flagship location. The first Hideaway Pizza expansion restaurant opened in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Cherry Street District.


A New Era

Hideaway Pizza had successfully grown its footprint to include six restaurants in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metro areas when Darren Lister and Brett Murphy purchased the company in Feb. 2006. Under their leadership, the company has grown into one of America’s favorite pizza companies, employing approximately 1,000 in two states.


Hello Arkansas!

The newest restaurant location (#17) opened on Oct. 10, 2016 at 5103 Warden Rd. in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The first Hideaway Pizza to open outside of Oklahoma! Hideaway Pizza plans to open its next restaurant in 2017 in Conway, Arkansas.

Jimmy's Egg of Yukon, Oklahoma  ::   ::  Created on Sunday, July 2, 2017
Jimmy's Egg of Yukon, Oklahoma
1609 Garth Brooks Blvd, Yukon, OK 73099

About 15 mins. east of Page Airport by car.

Jimmy's Egg is perhaps the finest breakfast restaurant in ALL of Oklahoma, maybe the USA, maybe the WORLD!

Worth the drive from the airport - the coffee is VERY GOOD and the pancakes delicious. I have eaten here many, many times over the last 10-12 years and it has been GOOD every single time. Last visit was June 2017 where I went multiple times - fantastic! Highly recommended for breakfast - cannot speak for the lunch as I have not tried that yet - still too full from breakfast!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

History and Background:

Since we started cracking eggs 35-years ago in a little restaurant in Oklahoma City, our philosophy has been unwavering: Make all of our entrees fresh every day using only quality ingredients and treat every customer like they’re a guest in our home.

Our menu features a variety of entrees for breakfast, brunch and lunch that will satisfy any appetite. From our famous Cracked-To-Order © omelettes to our Skillet Scrambles, flavorful pancakes, fresh salads, juicy burgers and more, our executive chef continues to create dishes that will have you coming back again and again.

Fast Facts About Jimmy’s Egg:

Loc Le, a Vietnamese refugee who came to America in 1975 seeking asylum, founded Jimmy’s Egg.

We fresh crack and cook 7,535,520 eggs each year. Shout out to all the hens supplying us at Maxim Egg Farm. Egg-cellent job, ladies.

Our entire menu is served seven days a week from 6:00am – 2:00pm so you can have lunch for breakfast, breakfast for lunch or lunch for, well, you get the picture.

Jimmy’s Egg has won 30 Best Breakfast awards.

There are 40,000 ways to enjoy our omelettes. No one has ordered all 40,000 at one sitting. Yet.
We prepare eggs over 10 different ways with scrambled being our most popular method.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes are, indeed, a thing. And they are an unbelievably delicious thing.

Fill ‘er up! We brew 700,377 pots of coffee per year.  read more...
Johnnie's Charcol Broiler of Yukon, Oklahoma  ::   ::  Created on Friday, June 30, 2017
Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler
1700 Shedeck Pkwy, Yukon, OK 73099

Fast-food eatery known for burgers, hot dogs & other fast fare, plus salads, sides & desserts.

About 15 mins drive from the Page Airport at Yukon, OK

Fantastic place for a "home made" burger that is superior in every way to fast-food burgers.

I visited this place in June 2017 and really enjoyed it!

Easy ride from the airport - highly recommended!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight


About Johnnie's Restaurants in OKC.

Johnnie Haynes started in the restaurant business in 1946 on the west coast. After moving to Oklahoma City in the 1950’s, he initially went to work for Sky Chefs at Will Rogers World Airport. For 18 years, he managed the famous Split-T restaurant, formerly located on Western Avenue north of I-44.

Johnnie opened the first Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler in September 1971 at Military Avenue and Britton Road.

The first location was a drive-in with 12 car-hop stalls, 12 inside booths and inside seating capacity of 48. The restaurant moved and expanded in 1977 to the Britton Road location.
Expansion occurred again in 1981, when the restaurant opened its second restaurant in Edmond. Originally operating in the northwest corner of a retail shopping center, the owners purchased land and constructed a free-standing restaurant, relocating the establishment in 1995 to its current location on 33rd street.

The third Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler was established on southwest 74th and Walker in 1983, and enjoys presence in the highly visible I-240 corridor. The Northwest Expressway location was opened in 1992.

Johnnie’s Express, a smaller version of Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler, was established in 2003 with it’s first location at Danforth and Kelly in Edmond. Subsequent locations opened on N. May Avenue and Norman in 2004.  read more...
Lynnie Ques  ::   ::  Created on Tuesday, June 27, 2017
I haven't eaten here, but have heard it's good food.  Should be easy to gather reviews through the internet. 
Tangier Island Cruises of Crisfield, MD (W41)  ::   ::  Created on Monday, June 26, 2017
Tangier Island Cruises of Crisfield, MD (W41)
1001 W Main St, Crisfield, MD 21817

Looking for a way to get to Tangier Island but DO NOT want to take your airplane there for whatever reason, or just do NOT feel like flying over that much water to an island destination?

Land at friendly W41 Airport, take BIG CITY CAB to the docks, and take the awesome Tangier Island Cruise to the island via the good ship Steven Thomas for less than $20 each way!

It is about a 80 minute cruise each way, and you are assured to see wildlife, fish, and other interesting boats out on the Bay. It is a very smooth ride with an inside, air-conditioned large cabin with drink service!

This is another great way to see and experience Tangier Island! Stay for the day or the weekend! The owners are very flexible and supportive of your group plans as well - contact them.

I took a large group over to Tangier Island from 14-20 June and this was the best way to go!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight


Chart a course back in time to the small, picturesque island of Tangier.
Once visited by  John Smith in 1608, the island has changed little since it was first settled by John Crockett in 1686. Along the way, you’ll see some of the most beautiful scenery the Chesapeake Bay and Tangier Sound have to offer. As the boat makes the 14 mile trip out to the island, you'll see the chain of islands that form the Tangier Sound and the waterfowl that inhabit the bay. You’ll learn the history of the other islands namely Fox Island, Watts Island, and Port Isobel.
Upon arrival, you'll discover a way of life quickly disappearing from America. Browse the quaint town with its narrow streets designed for walking or cycling, mingle with the island natives, and enjoy the peace and tranquility this one mile by three island offers. Stroll by the lone school that provides classes for kindergarten through high school, then wander out to the one of four different restaurants to eat some great seafood. Spend time relaxing by the dock watching the crab boats come and go from the harbor.
Tangier Island has a population of about 600 people, most of whom speak a unique English Restoration era dialect of American English. The island was once inhabited by farmers but became a fishing community in the 1800’s when the Chesapeake Bay was first harvested for its crabs and oysters. The people of today’s Tangier Island, survive with a livelihood wrenched by the unpredictable waters of the Chesapeake Bay.
A visit to Tangier Island is unlike any place you’ve ever experienced. Come with us as we step back in time…  read more...
Johnny Carino's Italian of Yukon, OK  ::   ::  Created on Monday, June 26, 2017
Johnny Carino's Italian of Yukon, OK
Address: 1608 Garth Brooks Blvd, Yukon, OK 73099

Classic Italian chain restaurant serving familiar & modern fare in a family-friendly setting. Visited here on 22 June 2017 and had the pasta with meat sauce, and my group had a wide variety of other items -- all delivered fast and friendly. Food was exceptional for a quick lunch. Recommended! About a 15 minute ride from Page Airport - no traffic to worry about. Worth a stop as there are many, many places to eat here!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

Background from the owner:

When does a restaurant become more than just a place to just get something to eat? When does eating out become a great experience? At Johnny Carino’s, we strive to be YOUR favorite authentic Italian restaurant.

Food is at the heart of our mission. From the Italian classics, to our one-of-a-kind spiced Italian favorites, all of our offerings are handcrafted from the finest, freshest ingredients available. Whether you’re craving Italian comfort food like our 16-Layer Lasagna, or something with a little more spice like our famous Italian Nachos, Johnny Carino’s has something for everyone.

We revere the tradition of serving only the best, and when it means coming in early to hand-roll the meatballs, build a 16-Layer Lasagna one layer at a time, or craft our tiramisu from scratch, we think of it as passion, not work. And while we are most proud of the Italian classics, it’s our one-of-a-kind, signature spicy dishes that really get us excited! A little something we call Spiced Italian. Our Spicy Shrimp and Chicken, Italian Nachos, and Jalapeno Garlic Tilapia have been some of our more popular dishes since we first opened our doors.

So whether you love the classics, or the spice, it will always be fresh and handmade to order at Johnny Carino’s. 
In 1997, Fired Up Restaurant Concepts acquired the only five existing Johnny Carino’s Italian Kitchen, infusing them with the energy and passion we know today. Starting with Chef Carino in the early years, and carrying forward today with Chef Chris Peitersen, Johnny Carino’s has developed many signature dishes that respect the authentic Italian traditions, while creating unique, “spiced” flavor profiles that express Johnny Carino’s passion and creativity, and commitment to fresh, quality food at a great value.

With over 70 locations in the US and 10 across the Middle East, Johnny Carino’s has changed the dining experience for anyone who wants to enjoy a great Italian family restaurant atmosphere. As we have evolved over the past 15 years, we have never lost touch with the passion for excellent food and wonderful service we provide to our guests. 
Alfredo's Mexican Cafe' of Yukon, OK  ::   ::  Created on Monday, June 26, 2017
Alfredo's Mexican Cafe' of Yukon, OK
1751 Garth Brooks Blvd, Yukon, OK 73099

About a 15 minute ride from the airport - well worth it! Outstanding Mexican food with superb service and atmosphere. And, the prices were really good. I could not believe how FAST we were seated and served - amazing.

Visited on 21 June 2017 - highly recommended!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

Background from the owner:

In August of 1998, we opened the first Alfredo’s store in Weatherford, Oklahoma, a community of 12,000 people 75 miles west of Oklahoma City. The original facility was a 1500-square-foot remodeled pizza joint. We could squeeze 45 people into the small dining area; it was truly a community watering hole. There was no waiting area so on Friday and Saturday nights there were more people waiting in the parking lot than there were cars.

It was never my intention to grow beyond Alfredo’s Mexican Café’s small beginnings in Weatherford, but growth became a by-product of the value, quality and service Alfredo’s consistently produced for the public. I opened the second location in Yukon in 2002 and our third and largest location in Moore in 2006. The fourth location opened in Edmond in 2011 and a fifth opened 2013 in Warr Acres.

In just 15 years, Alfredo’s has grown to just under 25,000 square feet of restaurant space and employs more than 200 people.   read more...
High Tide Gift Shop, Tangier Island  ::   ::  Created on Monday, June 26, 2017
The HIGH TIDE gift shop is located on Main Ridge Road, near the center of Tangier Island not far from the Swain United Methodist Church, the clinic and Spanky's Ice Cream shop. Can't miss it!

The HIGH TIDE gift shop is the newest on Tangier Island. Small, but has a pretty good selection of natural gifts, and small items for souvenirs of this unique island destination.

Also unique to this shop is that it is a "cat rescue" for the island, and several kittens are always available for adoption here. They are usually out and playing in the display counter, which is pretty funny if you like animals.

Tangier Island is a one-of-a-kind destination. Fly there and support it before it is gone, as it is slowly eroding. Do what you can to support the preservation of this unique fly-in destination and the people of Tangier Island.

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight 
The Flight Deck Restaurant  ::   ::  Created on Friday, June 16, 2017
As of mid June 2017 a new pilot-friendly restaurant has opened on the ramp at KMGJ Orange County Airport, Montgomery NY. "The Flight Deck" serves pilot and family friendly fare at reasonable prices. Windows and an outdoor patio overlook the ramp, while an outdoor BarBQ on warm weekends is in the works - stay tuned.  read more...
EAA Chapter 865 Fly-In Breakfast  ::   ::  Created on Thursday, June 15, 2017
31 st Annual EAA Chapter 865 Fly-In Breakfast Sunday, June 25 7am till Noon Rain or Shine Jerry Tyler Memorial Airport (3TR), Niles MI. In Our Hangar, East End Of The Airport Grounds On Lake St. Fly-in/Drive-in, Free Parking. Team MiniMax Factory open house, $6 All You Can Eat Pancakes & Sausage, or Biscuits & Gravy, Real Orange Juice, Regular and Deacafe Coffee. Door Prizes.(Fly-In Grand Door Prize is a complete SkyOx pilot oxygen system. It will be a pilot only door prize, so be sure to get your free ticket when you sign our Airport Log. We will have other SkyOx prizes as well.) Hope to see you! 269-684-0972   read more...
The Capitol Rotunda of the United States from the Sky  ::   ::  Created on Monday, June 12, 2017
See the Capitol Rotunda of the United States of American from the Sky!

This is something all pilots see when flying into College Park Airport just north of the Capitol area of Washington, DC! In fact, this photo was taken while I was on downwind to runway 33 at College Park in June of 2017 for their Wings and Wheels Fly-In! (Free food and $2.oo a gallon Avgas!)

See their web site to get vetted to fly into DC as there is a METRO at the airport - just so much to see and do here WITHOUT renting a car!

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight


The United States Capitol, often called the Capitol Building, is the home of the United States Congress, and the seat of the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government. It sits atop Capitol Hill at the eastern end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Though not at the geographic center of the Federal District, the Capitol forms the origin point for the District's street-numbering system and the District's four quadrants.
The original building was completed in 1800 and was subsequently expanded, particularly with the addition of the massive dome, and expanded chambers for the bicameral legislature, the House of Representatives in the south wing and the Senate in the north wing. Like the principal buildings of the executive and judicial branches, the Capitol is built in a distinctive neoclassical style and has a white exterior. Both its east and west elevations are formally referred to as fronts, though only the east front was intended for the reception of visitors and dignitaries.  read more...

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