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Low Fuel Price for the area
CPC is a very low cost stop to refuel for either 100LL or Jet-A. Prices cannot be beat, and have been consistently the lowest around for years. Not far off of V-1, 28mi NW of Grand Strand (CRE). Very convenient on your travels to/from Florida. Columbus County Apt has Friendly folks, very helpful.
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Website (not specified)
Phone Number 910-642-6187
Categories Other
Distance from
Home Airport
(home airport not set in profile)
Submitted By Alan Gardiner *Premium User* Alan Gardiner (14 destinations have been submitted by this member)
Last Reviewed Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Recommended Airport
Distance Not Applicable
Open to the Public? Yes
Longest Runway 06/24 - 5500 x 75 feet, Asphalt, in Good condition
Control Tower No
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     View    SC21   MYRTLE BEACH HARDEE AIRPARK    20.7 nm at 196 degrees   (Private)
     View    EYF   CURTIS L BROWN JR FIELD    20.8 nm at 19 degrees   (Public)
     View    17NC   MITCHELL FIELD    22.4 nm at 59 degrees   (Private)
     View    NC70   MCKEE    23.7 nm at 306 degrees   (Private)
     View    NC82   DUBLIN FIELD    23.8 nm at 1 degrees   (Private)
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     View    Pedro's South of the Border      34.1 nm at 288 degrees
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     View    Rioz Brazilian Steak House      37.1 nm at 197 degrees
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     View    Airport Graveyard at Maxton      44.8 nm at 314 degrees
     View    Stanton's Barbecue & Fish Camp      54.9 nm at 301 degrees
     View    Foodscapes      58.1 nm at 245 degrees
     View    Pik-N-Pig BBQ      73.3 nm at 331 degrees
     View    The Barony House      92.7 nm at 226 degrees
     View    Carmens' Cuban Cafe      95.5 nm at 357 degrees
     View    Crosswinds Cafe      96.4 nm at 358 degrees
     View    Greek Fiesta      96.4 nm at 358 degrees

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