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Big Sombrero Tower at Pedro's South of the Border
The Big Sombrero Tower at Pedro's South of the Border from the Air

If you cannot land at Dillon, SC Airport and stop to take in South of the Border from the ground, it is at least worth flying over it to see the Big Sombrero, which is also fully illuminated at night!

Best viewed from around 1,500 to 2,500 AGL, and makes for a great vista for your passengers as you are flying south or north on a good VFR day.

Mike Marra, Keystone Flight

The Sombrero Tower rises above the flat Dillon, South Carolina countryside surrounding South of the Border like the Space Needle rises above Seattle. It signals the end of your journey to America’s Favorite Roadside Attraction. It also signals the beginning of a fun-filled time exploring the numerous shops, arcades, restaurants and stores of South of the Border. The 200 foot tall Sombrero Tower was considered the World’s Largest Sign until just a few years ago. At night, its neon glow can be seen for many miles up and down Interstate 95, beckoning weary travelers to stop for a much needed break.

Recently South of the Border has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation project. The Sombrero Tower’s once vibrant southwest color scheme had become faded after years of rain, snow and blistering summertime South Carolina sun. Some of the neon tubes had lost their luster or had burned out. Pedro has changed all that!! Now its warm orange, yellow and green hues glisten and sparkle in the sunlight. At night, the new neon lights blaze and twinkle in the Dillon night sky like a sombrero-shaped alien spacecraft is about to land on the grounds of South of the Border.

During the daytime, The Sombrero Tower’s Observation Deck lets you see the lush green North and South Carolina countryside for long stretches in all directions. As you glide to the top in the glass elevator, you begin to see the grounds of South of the Border from an entirely new angle. The ride is a mere $2 for all of Pedro’s friends. Once you’re high atop the tower you can walk around of the brim of the sombrero for an unobstructed 360 degree view of The Border and beyond.

Visitors have taken some amazing photos from high atop The Sombrero Observation Deck. Here, Derek Lee Anderson checks out the lush fields around South of the Border. On the site Panoramio, Starrider99 took this amazing shot from the south side of The Sombrero. You can see the Pedroland Amusement Park on the left side of the photo, and I-95 South on the right side. This video shows a family having a fun day at The Border, and taking a ride to the top. Jacob K. has this shimmering nighttime photo of the neon lights in his Flickr stream, which reminds Pedro of something. You can now follow Pedro on your choice of social media sites. Our official Facebook site can be found here, and Sherry Lynch of the famous radio DJ duo Bob and Sheri created a fantastic fan page. You can follow Pedro on Twitter under the name @SOTBPedro.

So next time you come to South of the Border, make the time to enjoy a leisurely trip high above the grounds and enjoy an amazing view of the majestic Carolina countryside.
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