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METAR reported by HRJ
Located 6.6nm at 215°
  VFR Current METAR
Reported by  KHRJ, 06/18 01:05 UTC
 - No Clouds Below 12000'
 - Visibility unknown
 - Precipitation unknown
 - Winds calm
 - Temperature unknown
 - Dewpoint unknown
 - 30.06 inches mercury
Raw: 2018/06/18 01:05 KHRJ 180105Z AUTO 00000KT CLR 27/22 A3006 RMK AO2 T02670223 PWINO
Latitude/Longitude: 35° 28' 10.00" N / 78° 39' 16.00" W
35° 28.1667' N / 78° 39.2667' W
35.469444 / -78.654444
Elevation: 310
Magnetic Variation: 08W
Sectional: CHARLOTTE
Distance/Direction From City: 7 nautical miles SE of ANGIER, NC
Open to the Public: No
Control Tower: No
Attendance Schedule: Unattended
Lighting Schedule:
Segmented Circle: No
Landing Fee: No
Unicom Frequency:
CTAF Frequency:
  General Info
Airport Type: Airport
Ownership Type: Private
Owner Address: 4009 ABATTOIR ROAD
ANGIER, NC 27501-7828
Manager Address: 4009 ABATTOIR ROAD
ANGIER, NC 27501-7828
Number of Based Aircraft: 0
Number of Annual Operations: 0
Available Fuel: No fuel available
Airframe Repair: Unknown
Powerplant Repair: Unknown
Bottled Oxygen Availability: Unknown
Bulk Oxygen Availability: Unknown
Runway 06/24
2000 x 50 feet
Turf , in Unknown condition
Edge Lighting: No edge lighting
06 24
True Alignment
Traffic Pattern Left Left
Threshold lat/lon unknown unknown
Threshold Crossing Height 0 0
Touchdown Elevation 0 0
ILS None None
Visual Glide Slope none none
Controlling Object none Power Line: 35 ft high, ft from runway end, on the centerline.
- Clearance slope is 0:1.
- Object is not marked or lighted.
Runway Remarks none none
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